“GroupSourcing: Let’s Put A Hex On George Zimmerman”

The public arena should be used for what it currently isn’t. It’s already formed by reaction, impulse and opinion where one could say — it still operates by emotion as is as lawless as ‘the wild west’.

Public figures attempted to control this arena by suppressing those emotions, almost as if we shouldn’t have them. It should be at the very least just as emotional, with the full intended purpose to put a miscreant on display so that society can be judge and jury. Today, and forever we should focus our powers on George Zimmerman.

The day that the verdict was made, social networks were busy with people posting opinions and links and people we’re more ‘tone sensitive’ that night as they were unfriending and blocking each other to make their final points on the matter. Yes, it’s not worth bringing up again really, other than the simple fact that no one pointed out the most important part of this whole ordeal – that George killed someone.

Have you ever taken another human life before? In a progressive and modern society, where we have communal seating, hipsters, and that Foster The People album – which of us has taken another life who isn’t sitting in a prison or on the run from the law?

The mind isn’t necessarily as well-rounded as the person who owns one might appear, if that’s the look a person is going for, being calm and acting like nothing is bothering them. The mind has ways of haunting you, and misdirecting and you have to force the state of mind to keep it quiet. You have to try and keep it from haunting you.

So what’s Zimmerman’s excuse right now? That he’s afraid for his life? Let’s hope so. How can his wife or his family now live their lives with this stigma that they have? George Zimmerman was too much of a pussy to take the hits and had to use a gun to end the ordeal.

It’s more impulsive than reasonable. On a podcast episode of The Joe Rogan experience, Mr. Rogan explained what happens when you’re taking hits to the face. The man used to be an extreme fighter and he’s had his bell rung plenty of times. If anyone has some perspective from the point of view of those involved he comes pretty goddamn close. It’s scary, especially if you’re losing consciousness.

Let’s forget the court system. How do you feel about being near a killer? Do you think that every time George laughs, do his kids or anyone near him get a little creeped out? Being around a guy who took a human life?

Recently, George made a trip to meet with the manufacturer of the gun that was used on Treyvon, where he took smiling photos with one of the owners. Let George be George, there is no such thing as too soon for this guy so obviously he has, a dark sense of humor. On that btw, do you think that George was watching the James Franco roast when comedian Jeff Ross make a Zimmerman reference?

Do you think George laughed? Just trying to get away from the reality of it all, he’s watching the roast when suddenly…

Don’t get lost in over thinking his reaction to this whole thing though, his emotions and mistakes are similar to ours and even if you have the emotional endurance to be an asshole for a while, eventually the reality is gonna hit you. Everyone everywhere knows who you are and what you did. He should be on the run from society, a society that rejects a human who has taken another human life.

He should be repelled, cast out. We call on everyone to make his life a living hell, make it un-liveable. Every moment of anger that you ever feel in your life, focus it on George.

Every time you sense fear, focus it on George.If your IBS starts acting up, focus that on George – put your ALL into it him and shun him.

Maybe this hiding ‘thing’ is him admitting his failure as a human. Maybe he can’t live with what he did and it tortures him day and night.

Well, that’s not good enough. He needs the presence of the nation’s hatred to supervise his every move.

He’s gross, he’s a monster. May he never have peace of mind and may he never be able to look himself in the mirror without endless questions, and that his depression is never ending. Hit the concession stand on the way to the public arena and watch this snake devour himself until there is satisfaction.

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