Is SideWave’s ‘Glass Giant’ Self-Aware?


Let’s just go ahead and say what SideWave fans have been wanting this release the whole time since 2009, a full-length album to proclaim that SideWave isn’t just another ninetiestolgic trip into the lush.

Maybe it’s a new thing that bands who release their work online will overtime, create album equivalents in short spurts of creativity. The separation between live SideWave fans and those of us who experience them in the matrix, is great where these guys perform songs they haven’t yet released.

Therefore music listeners will be excited for the release of the full-length Glass Giant for different reasons. For those who are looking for an album that fills aural space with sonic sound from wall to wall, then this is the release you’ve been waiting for!

Release is the word I use for these things because I reserve the world album for something you can hold in your hand, before I decide to apply it to something restricted to a download.

I’m going to start loosening up with that to say that this is an album with thoroughly connects from beginning to end kind of like those car rides with friends where you’re blasting an album and anticipate the next track.

That moment happens between the tracks Supersonic and into Sundrop, the same feeling you have when listening to the first two Smashing Pumpkins albums.

Decades ago a good friend of mine and I went to Lollapalooza where I was first exposed to an amazing band named Failure, during their outstanding and still relevant album Fantastic Planet, which I recall with the first track off of this album, Grounded when they tap into the essence of Heliotropic

In the case of Failure, it’s the last song on the album which still blows me away as another dynamic thrown in my direction where that energy is how SideWave starts this album; I’ve always wondered when someone would do that and so they have.

Their second song Lace is a bit of a stumble, a bit of a yawner for me and not the most exciting part of my drift through space, which makes the album seem like it’s starting over again with the third track Supersonic.

The track Honest To God made this bitter atheist wonder if I didn’t get tricked into listening to a Christian rock band before I remember hearing some of the most amazing music I’d ever listened to on Christian radio, years ago. Of course, how can anyone naturally be dismissive of the idea of a deity when adrift among the stars?

While I’m talking about being adrift, if you can imagine, this music is more deserving of being in orbit around large spacial bodies, such as with the catchy and swerve heavy Pines, a personal favorite for the way the bass swings the rest of the song around.
Glass Giant Cover_1000x1000
Glass Giant is confident and yet still remains in the shadow of those bands which came before with tracks like Romance Is Dead where they seem to run out of steam or as mentioned earlier, the poppy but guarded Lace, which is best pick as a single off of this entire album.

I don’t have a problem that they’re likely in the same key through this whole thing. I could solve the problem by listening to the tracks individuality but I like how refreshing some of these tracks are such as Illusion Of Light. The only real weakness here is how vocally timid Phil Golyshko is through many of these songs. It would be good to hear him pull away from the mundane and experiment a bit as it would make for a far more fascinating album.

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, when it comes to this album, my tastes are nostalgically heavy with the deep cuts against the unnecessary comparison to the gaze rockers before them. And if I were to treat this with the respect a full length album deserves, I’m going to say they aren’t quite there yet.

At a certain point the album starts to drone and have no doubt they could go numb during their set. But space rock fans are multi-aware so they’ll certainly lock right in. For the rest of us though, we need a track like Hearts to bring us right back to the principles the nation of Sidewave are founded on.

This could all be a endurance experiment for them and they can just sort through the tracks that stick to familiarize themselves for future albums. But there is no doubt that with the help of Aaron Harris of Pusifer and ISIS who mixed this album, this debut is the album fans have been waiting for.

Chris Harper Showed More Sympathy Than The Worst Cop

Another tragic incident in America and this time the name attached is Chris Harper Mercer, a name that the Douglas county sheriff refused to say when making a statement, claiming that it would be glorifying the killer.

The standard process here is that despite his reluctance to give this information, the news would eventually come out in order to associate someone to the massacre and with that come heroic stories like that of Chris Mintz who blocked the door to keep the shooter out.

It’s already public information that Chris is a survivor of the shooting but these details force us to examine the incident in more detail and think about the cause and effect of each decision, especially with what we know, that Mercer shot his way through the door and thus overpowering Mintz.

But as he’s lying on the ground, he apparently said to the shooter, “It’s my son’s birthday today.

One report says:

He was shot in the back, abdomen and hands, and had two broken legs…

Another report says that after Mintz pleaded with Mercer, that Mercer shot him several times. Last time I checked, several means more than twice because another report says,

…according to Mintz’s aunt. His plea was rewarded with two more shots, Wanda Mintz told The Daily Beast.

This could all be bad information due to rushed reporting (the only time when professional news media can have the unprofessionalism of a regular blogger) but if you read further in the last report linked, it reads:

Mintz was hit in the abdomen, upper back, left hand, and once in each leg.

If all of that information is correct, then there’s some indication here that despite the way they’re trying to paint this guy as cold-blooded and uncaring, might have shown sympathy for Mintz by shooting him in the legs.  So, there’s a possibility here that it might have saved him.

I can’t help but think about those many reports about cops shooting unarmed people — not unlike this situation if only for the pulling of one trigger as it comes down to the two men one gun scenario — where they go for the killzone rather than go for a leg shot. Again, from what we can determine so far is that Mercer did this, twice.

Not to say that Mercer was an outstanding dude. He did end up killing a lot of people. And as much as I would like to make a generalizations about this guy — as I do with gun rights activists, tea-baggers, Reich wingers and other extremophiles — all it comes down to is a guy making a bold effort to show up at a public place with a bunch of guns they were able to get because his supporters let him. After all, they made the hard part easy, all he had to do was carry it out.

And since this post does mention cops, one thing to pay special attention to is Mercer’s support of cops after the shooting of sheriff deputy Darren Goforth as mentioned in this New York Times article,

In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not on the side of the suspect, I’m on the side of the officer, and generally don’t agree with the black lives matter protests.

But going back to the statement made by Douglas county sheriff John Hanlin, making a decision to not name the killer under this idea that it would glorify the killer and influence other gunmen, is wrapped up in a point of view that is only his and needs the power of that conviction for itself to become influential enough for people with an ounce of intelligence to agree.

John Hanlin’s point of view is in the same direction and even in league with Chris Harper Mercer but has the protection of law enforcement to be able to commit his shootings with little to no consequences at all. You can tell by his blatant support of extremist Reich wing ideas.

There’s no doubt in my mind and in that of commonsense people that all the red flags neighbors saw in Mercer, combat boots, green army pants, white t-shirt (which he wore every single fucking day) and shaved head is just normal and patriotic to people like John Hanlin.