To Each Their Own?

Groups of people in cathedral square by Hans  (

Groups of people in cathedral square by Hans (

These are comments I made on someone’s post where they express their frustration from debating over some ideas they believe in.

This is the fight we have to endure on a daily basis &TexanTornado . While we all have the right to our ideas and opinions, one has to analyse the idea for fraud and always be skeptical that the idea doesn’t have a faulty foundation. This is the core reason why these arguments are ongoing. But then again, to say that we have the right to that idea is also dismissive that there be any restrictions against them, or that they can be faulty if we want them to. I think in that case, the person is either ignorant or doesn’t care that it is faulty because the durability of the idea is no longer the point, rather; the point is that we can express whatever we want, however we want.

For example, a person once said on here that they didn’t believe in evolution because it was a faulty theory. They had decided that once and for all, without considering that the fact that the theory is on going and there are always other contributions to it. For instance, they didn’t know that adaptive radiation was something that explained the faulty part of the theory, because they had already decided they wouldn’t even consider it. It’s kind of like the comedian Kat Williams doing a bit about evolution where he says, “people who believe in evolution are some stupid mutha****ers! If we came from apes then why are there still apes!?”

People are generally faulty in that it’s easier to stop short or get the cliff notes of something without going further to strengthen the idea aside from just making a choice. As I said, that’s the central issue as to why these things become arguments. No one is willing to accept a new contribution to the idea as the doors of acceptance have been shut to the willingness of the person accepting or rejecting them.

My point on this is that people give up and just don’t go far enough to secure an idea aside from just deciding they don’t want to. At that point, it’s no longer about the idea itself. (Bubblews)

“My First Five Minutes At The New DCH”

Dallas Comedy House

Guys! Part of my marketing process for this blog, my other writing, my podcast and my shows require that I work out a bit. I mean working out on stage doing various open mics around town! So here’s a little bit about me and my first experience with my first official open mic at a the new and improved Dallas Comedy House! Wooooo! (Bubblews)

The ONLY Steve Zissou Pinball Machine Is In A Legitimate Wes Anderson Cafe

This image was taken by Sissi Rossi ( at the Bar Luce in Milan designed by Wes Andersen.

This image was taken by Sissi Rossi at the Bar Luce in Milan designed by indie film director Wes Andersen.

I don’t want to look too much into this because my first reaction to Wes Andersen designing a cafe was of joy. That was further validated with the additional images I saw in this buzzfeed post.

I should really just try to hold onto that feeling entirely past the fact that it isn’t here in the states (it’s in Milan) and that it’s far away. Okay, one of those things is true and the other one is me doubling-down that statement so I can feel more disappointed.

The best article I could find about this was one posted in EntertainNow. Given what I’ve seen and as I understand Fondazione Prada, this might be a temporary project?

This angle of the same machine was taken by Marambraw ( via Instagram

This angle of the same machine was taken by Marambraw via Instagram

I say that because 1. I haven’t done enough research on this thing to find out for sure, 2. I can’t imagine would want to hold onto that novelty act for any longer than they should and 3. the pin ball machine set up (while pretty fucking cool) looks like anyone can replace the artwork pretty quick, doesn’t look like they’re that committed to it. Which would make sense as to why this is the only Steve Zissou pinball machine ever!

If that’s the case then (i’m a lot sadder than I already was and) we can at least say without a doubt that it happened, right?