To The Haters Of #Gotham, You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About.

Wayne manor?

Yes, everyone has an opinion about something but make sure you consider the reason something might be relevant like the t.v. series Gotham. It might not be your thing because you’re actually making an effort to not enjoy it. You should at least respect the craft in the making of this show! (Haters Of Gotham)

Good Morning, CHUMPS!

I just got home, at this time in the morning. Still reeling from the epic break up I went threw back in 2010 and (very recently) the me getting told to leave the bar because I wasn’t working… after hours… with my ear to the floor, but I digress.

I saw, what I shouldn’t have seen. My competitor, leaving the e-bar. NO, NO, it happened! My eyes pulled away, he’s go nothing to say to me. I’ve got nothing to say to him, it’s pretty goddamn mutual. He knows.

I spent some time on the rail this morning, trying to get back home and not smell like a complete drunkard. I still do, but less than I smelled several hours ago. i think I’m doing well for how hot and humid it’s been outside. The A/C is on and the oscillating fan is drying me off, it’s blue outside, oh SHIT!

The Many Moriartys

The Sherlock Holmes Museum - 221b Baker Street, London - Professor Moriarty

Professor Moriarty is the go to Villain for every Sherlock Holmes fan. Is he the first one in literature who established that element of duality that we see in other popular villains like Joker or Lex Luther? Not that it matters because fiction is fiction, it’s what actors do with the characters that matters most to me. At least in one case here, writers have gone the distance to do something entirely different with Moriarty, which is fucking cool! (The Many Moriartys)