Kiravell’s Jazz Music Style Makes ‘Vaudevellia!’ Otherwordly

I don’t know what my tastes are with jazz music these days. I mean, I think I enjoy it but I don’t listen to it as much as I should? Sometimes I find myself filling out some surveys that have asked me my tastes in music and when I see jazz, I hesitate, trying to figure out what jazz sounds like.

Eons ago, I went into a local CD store and while skimming through their shoddy selection, I saw a CD by a California act called SkinnerBox — not to be confused with the “Ska/Punk” band — where by the first listen, they took me to the largely abandoned Victorian era with their attic-confined piano and violins, ghostly in that creaky Coraline kind of way.

I guess that could be jazz? It was genuinely creepy, like cracking open Little Nemo in Slumberland or really, more like as if I were Nemo going on that dream ride.

Well, I haven’t listened to anything like that since, until I listened to Kiravell’s Vaudevellia.

I’m reminded of that scene in Red Dragon when Lecter tries to kill the detective in his study and delivers some memorable lines.

Don’t resist, so gentle like slipping into a warm bath.

And while listening to Vaudevellia! isn’t like getting stabbed by Hannibal Lecter, I could only imagine submitting to his warm bath suggestion when the songs begin to pour down into my ear holes.

This is essentially, jazz in every which way you can think of, but with a more creative alt-pop sensibility.

For one, I think Kiravell has appropriately tangled herself up in a glorious loop of great ideas. Because she ultimately starts with nothing and molds that, into these coherent motions, as if she we doing Tai Chi or anything related to slow, graceful and meditative moves.

What’s especially great about her kind of jazz this is that her style of music are entirely made from her ideas, from scratch, meaning that if she’s inspired by anything, the sources are from rare undiscovered places she only knows about, or she’s oddly inspired and motivated by her own energy.

For instance, I think it’s bold and wonderful that she has a instrumental release of her album. For music enthusiasts, especially for jazz music, the ear picks different melodies to add to.

You can check out the full vocal version of her album here,

The album opens with Pache Mama, where she glides over the, in-between spaces of rhythm with her piano playing. I mean, right from the moment she starts putting me under the spells of her spoken word, I’m not expecting her to build anymore because why bother? If she did, it might just blow my mind.

Is it just me or does anyone else like the smell of mildew in a house?

Nevermind because Charge is the next track, where she gets me again with her piano playing. He voice is perfect for her melodies, and when she sings the chorus, “midnight air”, she locks me in again.

Somewhere online, her music is tagged under the category of Chakra jazz, and I’m down with that if this is what that sounds like. She might actually be the only one doing it.

Her track Aladin reminds me of The Cranes, a band I haven’t heard in a long time but now that she’s pulled that trigger, I love this album even more.

1st Light is a great track. I love when she plays the piano in-between the beat. It’s sultry when she finds her own groove. Somehow, it reminds me of Tori Amos’ From The Choirgirl Hotel, or the mesh covered patio of some old farmhouse? I love the changes she makes, accenting her reach to other bars or holding back.

It’s all about the subtleties with this one. About the only part that’s recognizable as familiar jazz music is when she goes into a more rapid section of the song; what is that… like, tango?

But she doesn’t come back to my favorite first half of the song, which is slightly disappointing, only because I love it so.

After this, is the track Mire, which is spacious and vocal bliss. It’s at this point in the album I find her voice is haunting, especially when she imposes layers in her vocals.

2 Kiravell Piano Vertical

Of the few songs on this album that are cohesive pieces of recognizable pop, Yellow Hazy is one of them. Following that, is  Delta, and I simply can’t say enough about that song… so I won’t. Well, other than the fact that it’s much like the other tracks where I’m now confused as to how much I love this album.

Kiravell is scaring me now.

She’s got everything I love in this and I don’t know, now I’m all like confused and a little dizzy? Oh, man. I better sit down for a bit because now the violins in Veiled Lady have a hold of me. Those are violins, right? Or are they Sirens?

Again, the jazz music of Kiravell is mesmerizing. With confidence, I can say it’s unlike most anything out there and at some point, you’re going to get a few keys stuck in your head.

She’s one of a kind and I really, genuinely, can’t wait to hear more.


Official Site,







Are Baltimore’s Recent Animal Cruelty Verdicts Another Hint At City’s Police Problem?

Are there an overwhelming amount of animal cruelty incidents taking place all over the world? Obviously, because one incident is more than enough!

But there are also a lot of good people out there fighting the good fight, cracking down on criminals. The Baltimore, Maryland city government seems to, for the most part, be doing their share. Here in this article, one of our own incendiaryAmericans wrote a post for The Inquisitr, where they refer to two widely reported ‪#‎AnimalCruelty‬ verdicts handed down within a week of each other. (TheInquisitr)

You will likely be disturbed by what you read if you don’t already know about it, but also hopeful, that something is getting done.

Because in these days, we have the power to apply some real pressure here and now, and hopefully, the good people of ‪#‎Baltimore‬ and those outside of it will do their part, along with the Maryland SPCA to keep these terrible incidents down.

That article is centered more around what the City Of Baltimore is doing about animal cruelty cases and at the end of the write up, is a link to a case of animal cruelty which hasn’t been as big as these stories but, reportedly already has 100 charges average racked up against two men.

Of course, go read the article for details on that, but let’s show you this video of the well publicized incident with that police officer.

More specifically, the write-up is about two high-profile people, one of them a public servant and the other, a former player for the Ravens, both institutions of law enforcement and corporate sports acted quickly to distance themselves from both of those guys.

The officer, who was accused of committing a terrible act, as expected, got away scott-free.

Obviusly there’s a lot to be pissed off about here because in an report by WBALTV, just in the way it’s written — even though it’s neutral — the reporting of the facts around the court case is similar to getting sand kicked in the face, when the attorneys defiantly come to the officer’s defense.

Take this part here:

Prosecutors said Bolger slit the dog’s throat in a fit of rage when arriving at the scene, calling it murder. Bolger’s attorneys insist he was only trying to put the dog out of its misery.

After going through a lot of these reports, the idea that Bolger was trying to do the right thing is either a stretch or the same way you would react if you came across a dog, which you restrained and decided to take it upon yourself — if you were an officer of the law — to “put it out of its misery.”

Read the article for what the dog’s owner, Sarah Gossard said about the accusations made against her that she had starved the dog or that she was even rabid.

But the article also follows with this:

‘We are very grateful that the court based it’s decision on the facts, not rumor and gossip that spread on social media, but the facts presented at trial,’ defense attorney Steven Levin said.

The judge made the decision to acquit the officer stating that the witnesses were unreliable and even that the veterinarian who performed the necropsy was biased.

If the final quote we placed here is any indication of how the judge came to their decision, then clearly the fact that Jeffrey Bolger cut the dog’s throat — which isn’t necessarily the ‘go to’ for solving most problems on the streets — is ignored.

Again, no one is saying that he didn’t cut Nala’s throat and even further, the defendant’s attorneys are really trying to sell their sob story for the officer, who had to leave the force over this; because how “dare” people accuse this “great” man who served his country well!

Fuck them.

Also, there’s nothing that says that Sarah Gossard neglected or abused  Nala, which obviously can’t be the case since this story is already a year old and has traveled the world faster than Superman’s gone around it.

Something would have come up by now and that she would even starve Nala? Sarah is a Baltimore bartender. I doubt she’s having problems paying for anything.

But while we’re talking about neglect, the other case mentioned in our post is about a Baltimore football player with plenty of money to throw around, enough to spend on expensive ass animals that he ends up neglecting. At the time he was the center of bad news, he was ditched by the Baltimore Ravens.

What’s interesting about this is the connection we’re making between these two cases, where Terrence Cody gets jail time and the officer is cleared of all charges, in a city that got a lot of attention for it’s racial issues like the death of Freddie Gray, because Cody is black.

The connection is stronger with this new report by The Wall Street Journal where the Fraternal Order Of Police (FOP 3) is mentioned as taking “ultimate responsibility” in paying for the defense of those officers who are charged with Gray’s death, because FOP 3 is the same order who had to make the statement in the WBALTV source we mentioned above, that the officer got his day in court, again, defiantly defending the outcome.

[Featured image of Jeffrey Bolger and attorney by Ian Duncan / Baltimore Sun]

PANTERA Is Never Coming Back, Deal With It!

The only words I never thought I would ever say in all my years of being a music lover and heavy metal fan.

And to see people constantly begging Vinnie Paul to forgive, forget and reunite Pantera with Phil and Rex and Zakk Wylde filling in for Dime, is so fucking selfish.


Vinnie Paul’s words people, stop asking; it’s selfish.

Pantera hasn't trended in a lil bit

Wow! Even the number of people who are interested in Pantera today, is more than those who read my blog! [Screenshot from Google trends]

 And now, there is a stupid petition out trying to get a Pantera reunion. Several, actually.

like Vinnie Paul doesn’t know how many fans Pantera has, like he doesn’t know how many of us wish it would happen, the problem is, he will never change his mind.

The other problem is that DIME IS DEAD, there is no such thing as a reunion. End of story.

Vinne stated that to keep asking him to do it, and to keep asking him if it will happen is disrespectful and selfish as fuck.

His words.

Its over.

Pantera is over.

Its not about forgiveness, its the fact that out of respect for DARRELL who wanted nothing to do with Phil in any way, ever again; he will never share the stage again with Phil Anselmo. I mean, why do you think Phil was not allowed at Dimes funeral, or his memorial?

In their eyes, Phil is responsible for Darrell’s death.

Dime didn’t want to ever be in the same room with Phil, he killed Dime’s dream of growing old playing music, he killed Vinnie Paul’s dream of growing old playing music with his brother.

Making a petition is the most stupid fucking thing to be parading and sharing for signatures.


I want the fucking reunion!


Guess what? I’m from Texas, and guess what else? Loyalty is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking important in Texas.



But that’s it.

[Featured image ‘My Dimebag Portrait’ is by Threasa Solomon via Flickr and under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)]

Will Smith And Bomba Estéreo Just Improved The Latin Grammys

I’ve never had a problem with Will Smith. He’s a completely likable guy, which for me, is enough to improve even his worst movie.

But Latin television is some bullshit. I hate it. Probably because I’m Hispanic and have a mom who loves to watch the Telenovelas. Can I get a what, what? If you’re Hispanic, then you know what I’m talking about.

So, I’m sitting here behind this computer, doing whatever we do on these things, when I hear some erratic but addictive beats coming from my mom’s television in the other room. Sounded like some kid was on stage, who didn’t know how to sing.

Which makes sense because Latin television loves to make a big deal about that.

I said to myself, that kid seems to be getting the hang of it, and then something in it triggered M.I.A and Santogold.

I walk into the front room to one hell of a light show on television and just what I expected, some eclectic Latin stuff they should be doing more of on this channel. Let’s dig in deep for some sounds and stop mulling around with that Juan Gabriel, Ricky Martin, boyband shit.

Then, there’s this other dude next to them, who looks kind of familiar, hollering into a microphone. The audience is getting pumped up, this time without Pitbull and the fucking guys looks familiar… is that Will Smith?

Bomba Estéreo and Will Smith killed it! I hadn’t seen anything like that for a while! Finally, rather than manufacture some excitement with a bunch of lackluster duds, here we had some genuine entertainment.


[Image from the official Bomba Estéreo Twitter account ]