Another Tapetum Lucidum


Look guys, I’ve been over-thinking things and it’s gotten me into tr-ouble. Big shit is coming up and I’m super nervous about it, but I can’t be because I have to push on and push through. So, it’s time to get organized, again! I guess it all started with my podcast debut that happened two weeks ago come¬†Wednesday. Go check that out if you haven’t already! It’s got a lot of good stuff, and with it you get to learn a little about the indie music industry. Kind of give you a sneak peak!

Check out that playlist and join me on soundcloud if you haven’t already so we can do this playlist thing and stuff. It’s what the internet is for after all.

Like I said, I’ve been over thinking things and I really just need to post like fucking crazy on here. And though I don’t know what to call this playlist right now, I want to share the things I’ve been listening to lately, some of them new and some old. I trust my brain and memory enough to know if I re-posted stuff. But let’s get into the music now, shall we?

Royce Wood Junior (London)

If you didn’t already guess, I’m all over bandcamp with a lot of this music, because I’m fucking lazy. So, this is just another one of those tracks that was featured in one of their stream shows. You don’t have the time so I did it for you and thanks to that, I can’t get this out of my head. This is the good kind of song you want stuck in your head. Trust me, I can’t get anything done.

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