When A Gaze Becomes A Storm

Waveless (Minneapolis, MN)


I don’t know what most people do. I don’t imagine they just pick up a guitar and are suddenly able to make amazing noise, right off the bat. Of course, it helps if you’ve got a sinister vision behind it all, in which case it’s Waveless, the architects of that vision who could do it.

For an EP, this thing takes me for quite a ride. Just from the first track, the hollow guitar blows the curtains off, opening up this vast landscape before me and right before Hannah Kathleen’s resin-like vocals fall in and get me amp’d up for the howling chorus, taking me to a primal place I long ago sealed off and neglected.

I put that first track on repeat and it gets me worked up each and every time I hear it. After doing that for a bit and moved to the second track, I was caught off guard by the drastically different approach in Lucid Nightmare, which convinced me that there is a more mature approach to their craft and I’m only almost halfway through it.

Even with just those 4-tracks, by the end of it I feel like I’ve passed through generations of myths and echos. Even Broken Arrow and Upclose/Unclear are powerful pieces of aural art that concede to the fact that this is some of the best gaze since Slowdive and best dark art since… since… Joy Division!

There, I said it!

If Waveless never puts anything else out (which is doubtful) this, so far, is one of the most listened to digital releases I’m so fortunate to have heard all month and I sure as shit, can’t wait to hear more!

Making Fun Of ISIL?

So, I had to look for this video again because death has been on my mind a lot. Also, ISIL is constantly in the news.

It’s on all of our minds, constantly every day, whether it’s about us or what we see in the news. It’s a topic we never get tired of, which is weird. But after watching this video, I had a few lingering questions about this moment in time.

Does this dude ever wake up and say, “oh SHIT! I am one scary FUCK!” And then throw up all over himself? Probably quite the opposite, he probably gets a hard on from all the death around him. Maybe he can’t wait to do someone in by himself.

But I remember there was talk about internet and phone connections failing in the area before this dude showed up at the mosque. Before everyone knew it, these gunmen showed up and al-Baghdadi made his appearance. Of course, I can’t imagine he rented the place out ahead of time so his people obviously forced their way past the Imam.

What irritates me is how people have responded to the video. Of course, I can’t make people do what I want, certainly not at this guy’s level but a lot of the critics have talked about his watch and how everything is wrong with his speech. That it was edited because it was full of flaws and other things like; that it’s not Islamic to enter a mosque with guns.

Look here chumps. This dude doesn’t give a shit so who are these critics trying to please? Sure, maybe there are some dum-dums out there who don’t think that there might be something wrong with firearms in a religious place? I’m just saying that making fun of these dudes is a great waste of time.

Look at the people there in the video. They’re fucking horrified! I mean, how many times have gunmen shown up at a mosque in that part of the world and massacred everyone? These people have no idea if they’re gonna live or not. I mean, this dude could had finished up his declaration and bombed the entire thing with everyone in it!

This guy smells death everywhere he goes. From the look of him, I’d say he’s a hands on type of guy with his operation, certainly not a underachiever.

Another thing I think about when I see this guy is how this guy and his ilk must smell like.

Over ten years ago there was a thing about serial killers on coast to coast am and they said that serial killers had a distinct smell. I can’t imagine that it’s because of the serial part of the killing so much as the killing itself! Like, a large abundance of it. That’s got to do something with the chemistry of a person who kills. This dude and others around him probably smell like that.


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